Empress Wallata Education Health Well-Being Ctr

Based initially in Montego Bay, Jamaica and eventually to other parts of the Caribbean and Africa, at Empress Wallata’s Education, Health & Well- Being Centres we want everyone to receive and be nurtured by the 4 R’s: Refinement through education, Relaxation & Rest in a peaceful environment and Rejuvenation through the eating and drinking of fresh home grown or local foods and the experience of a range of alternative therapies design to work harmoniously with the Mind, Body & Spirit.

We also seek to support the local communities in which we locate our Centres by employing and serving local people and using locally produced foods and other items. Our target clientele will be hard working people from all over the world, aiming to give them a place to retreat and feel human and humane again. For the local people, in addition to the above, we will offer classes, workshops and work experience to young people, enabling them to increase self-reliance, self-love and a heightened cultural awareness. In short… Something for everyone.

We will need to raise enough donations that will enable us to meet the cost of purchasing additional land, building the Centre, farming and employing people as part of the initial start-up.


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