Orphend /slaved children /education

Title of the Project:

School Project for Slaved and Poor Children



Joyful Gospel Ministry





Place of Project: 

Chak No. 335 G.B, Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan



Slaved, Orphaned and Poor Children of Chak No. 335, Toba Tek Singh and the surrounding villages.


Contact Person: 

1:         Evangelist Adnan

            Email Address:Joyfulllifefoundation@gmail.com        joyfullgospelministries@gmail.com          


         Phone Number: 0092-304-6986078


The Joyful Life Foundation is a Christian Organization in Pakistan working with orphaned, neglected and surrendered children in Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan. The Foundation helps 200 children with education, and help the children through schooling them at home and in public schools. We help children at levels where we can be of help.

During our door to door, house to house, village to village mission trips, we came across a serious issue with poor families and their children, and we are agreed upon receiving and hearing the call to start doing what God has shown and stared in us since 2003.

Toba Tek Singh is an area with about 2000 surrounding villages, where there is a prevalence of landless laborers, and vast majority of them are Christians. In areas like Toba Tek Singh, due to the low family income, these laborers are forced in times of crisis to approach land owners, brick kiln factory workers or loom owners to ask for loans.

Although the loans taken by the laborers are small, the exorbitant interest rates (10-20% a month) and the lack of valid records of repayment make debt bondage continuous. The form of debt bondage in this area, which is enforced through violence, meets all Free the Slaves criteria for slavery.  The children of the families in the debt bondage are forced to work along with their parents during daytime, leaving no time for education.

Our Foundation and Ministry has targeted 3 villages with high level of bonded laborers and has started prayers and intercessions to open up the doors to establish school/schools in all the three villages serving 100-150 children each, ages 6-10, or open up one main school in one village and help with facility of school van to help 300 children to get our one school at one place.



Short Term:

1. To remove 300 children from bonded labor in Chak # 335 G.B

2. To place these children into a fully functional school

3. To prepare these children for the 5th grade level official examination so they can enter the state schools

4. Bring awareness to families in bonded labors regarding their exploitation by money lenders   


Long Term:

1. To eradicate bonded labor from Chak # 335 G.B (three villages)

2. To provide proper funding for all three schools

3. To create gradual but profound change of the perception of debt bondage in Check # 335 G.B



1. Three teachers responsible for the education of the 50 children


2. Subjects taught in the schools are in conjunction with the government curriculum for primary schools.  The curriculum is laid out below.

Class 1: Urdu language, Math

Class 2: Urdu language, Math

Class 3: Math, Science and Environment


3. Lessons are taught not only traditionally, but also through the use of games and activities (group and individual.)  During school time, the teachers ensure the active participation of children and make learning fun and interesting


4. The school operates on a 3-year plan that is outlined below. 


Class 1: months 1-6

Class 2: months 7-12

Class 3: months 13-19

Class 4: months 20-27

Class 5: months 28-36


After the 5th class, students take an examination administered by the Government’s Education Department.  The students that pass will enter the formal school system. 


5. Teachers also emphasize the following areas:


Awareness generating and advocacy on the local level

Self-help groups

Emotional and mental health measurement of children

Legal aspects of slavery (bonded labor and child labor)


6. During the second and third years, vocational training will be offered to children on alternate days.


7. Aside from the curriculum, the teachers will also train students in:


Religious studies

Rights of the children

Hygiene and cleanness

Moral science

Physical training, meditation, cultural activities

Social education classes

in your prayers

Evangelist Adnan

Joyful Life Foundation, Pakistan 


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