Equine Health and Rescue Centre

More and more horses need to be rescued and rehabilitation, but also less and less people can afford to give their horse what it needs.
Our goal is:
Build a modern horse friendly rescue centre where all kind of horseproblems, behavioural, fysical or mental, can be treated by a team of professional therapist, used both classical medicine as natural and eastern medicine and professional and modern equipment. There needs to be an inhouse veterinairy clinic with i.e. Röntgen equipment, scanning equipment, aqua trainer, vitafloor, etc etc.

There are no boxes, only for medical reasons, but all horses have a shelter with soft bedding, paddocks without mud, and meadows or paddock paradises.

Also horses who need te be kept solitairy have the same facilities, i.e. stallions, agressive horses.

The money is needed to adjust or (re)build the stables, buy equipment, fencing, outdoor arena, mudfree pastures for the winter, medical equipement, tractor, land, 3 living units for voluteers and (working-)students, indoor arena, big stepmill/aquatrainer, shelters for stocking hay/straw, cantine/clinicroom,

Especially horses which are not popular like old sick horses, agressive horses, stallions, dominant horses, blind horses, or other horses which need a lot of care need to find here a safe and loving home with everything they need to stay or become as healthy as possible as long as possible.

The whole exploitation preferably environmental-friendly, with sunpanels on the roof, waterpump, no use of pesticids etc.

Preferred area: hills of Limburg, Netherlands since most volunteers live there.

The foundation is non-profit but offers horse owners to bring their horse temporary to this centre to recover from illness, or behaviour problems (misunderstood horses)

Website: www.paardinnood.nl

Thank you for your contribution to our project.


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